Wingman Starter Kit with seat

Introducing the ultimate Wingman Starter Kit - everything you need in one comprehensive package! This kit includes a Wingman bag, complete with your choice of standard (no magnetic walls), or the 4M magnetic wall option.

Additionally, you'll receive a bag partition, 2 pocket modules, and a Wingman seat - everything you need to get the job done. The Wingman bag provides ample storage space, while the magnetic walls offer additional convenience and safety. The bag partition and pocket modules ensure that all of your tools are organized and easily accessible. And the Wingman seat provides a sturdy and reliable base to work from. Upgrade your rope access gear with the Wingman Starter Kit - the ultimate package for any professional.


Starter kit includes:

1 x wingman bag with your choice of standard (no magnetic walls) , or 4M magnetic wall option.

1 x bag partition

2 x pocket modules

1 x wingman seat