Urban Abseiler's

Global Wind Organisation

Certification Training Programs

Welcome to the world of Global Wind Organisation (GWO) standards, a pivotal framework ensuring that your journey in the wind energy sector is safeguarded and proficient. At Urban Abseiler, we adhere to GWO standards, meticulously crafted by industry experts, to equip you, our future technicians, with paramount safety and technical skills essential in navigating the unique challenges of the wind energy environment.

The GWO standards reflect the real-world risks and hazards you will encounter and ensure that your training is recognised globally, thanks to the WINDA database, where your training records are securely stored. Your certification is accepted worldwide, enhancing your employability and flexibility within the global wind sector. Moreover, the GWO framework is celebrated for aligning safety and technical training standards across the industry, ensuring that your training is coherent and applicable wherever your career takes you. 

By embarking on this training journey, you're providing your safety and skillset and contributing to an industry-wide movement that enhances efficiency, reduces training duplication, and ensures a standardised approach to critical safety and technical training across the global wind energy sector.

GWO Basic Safety Training (BST)

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GWO Basic Safety Training (BSTR)

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GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART)


GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ARTR)

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