Wingman Bag

Introducing the ultimate bag for working at heights - designed to provide a large workspace, free of obstructions for efficient equipment handling. With a 15 litre capacity and measuring 230mm x 320mm x 200mm, this bag is perfect for any job. The rigid steel mounting frame and double vinyl coated fabric provide maximum durability, while the double layer puncture-proof base ensures added protection for your equipment. For added convenience, 4 stainless steel lanyard attachment rings are installed in the corners and a 50mm webbing handle with an integrated central carabiner capture loop allows for easy transportation. The soft, flared skirted lid with Velcro closure and bright yellow color provide easy access and visibility of bag contents. This bag also features a 50mm interior Velcro band for optional accessory fitting and a square metal mounting stub for easy seat connection. With a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 8kg, you can trust that the job will get done safely and efficiently with this bag by your side.


With identical build features and dimensions, both models provide high-quality performance. The 4M model, however, boasts an added benefit - a magnetic tool wall. This feature allows metallic items and tools to be easily pinned to the bag walls, improving safety with magnetic capture, and offering superior tool handling and storage. Say goodbye to lanyard tangles and accidental item pickup with the 4M model. See pictured >