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Sterling 8mm Bound Loop Prusik

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Prusik loops provides progress capture, tandem prusik belay and optimal rope grab for rope rescue. Does away with bulky, time-consuming knots and is stronger with its sewn loop construction.

A hitch is a type of knot that must be tied around another object to maintain its structure. In the case of a Prusik hitch, it is tied around another rope. The unique aspect of a Prusik hitch is that it slides freely along the other rope when unloaded yet grabs tightly when loaded.


  • Provides progress capture for haul systems
  • Tandem Prusik belays are frequently used to provide an independent belay during rescues
  • Prusiks are good to use in hauling systems where multiple rope-grabs may be needed
  • You can ascend a rope using two Prusiks
  • You can attach a Prusik hitch to the "brake side" of your descent control device while abseiling.
  • Attaching rope protectors to a rope