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SpanSet - Basic Kit

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    1 x 1100 Ergo harness

    • 25mm high tenacity polyester
    • Breathable rear mesh loops
    • Confined space steel alloy fittings
    • Hardened steel alloy fittings
    • Suspension trauma relief straps
    • Original ERGO Euro style geometry
    • Multi layer, reinforced redundant backup design by outer layer straps at rear D
    • 3 layer pocket webbing support load bearing
    • Chest strap for front D
    • Ergonomic, pull down adjustment at font shoulder and leg straps
    • Sub-pelvic strap to minimise peel out
    • fully adjustable shoulder, leg and chest straps
    • Leg straps fixed at hips - no excessive tightening around thighs in the event of arrested fall
    • Open slots on sides at hip for riggers and accessory belts
    • Front D allows for Easier attachment with remote rescue kits
    • Colour contrasted for ease of identification
    • Suitable for confined space entry construction, elevated work platforms, fall arrest, ladder systems, maintenance and roof work
    • Minimum tensile strength 15kN as per AS 1891.1 certification

    1 x 3053 lanyard, 

    • Single leg lanyard
    • Webbing constructed
    • 1.8 meters in length
    • Fitted with two H1 snap hooks
    • 945g with fittings
    • 100kg maximum load capacity
    • AS/NZS 1891.1 certified

    1 x 3501 anchor sling,

    • Webbing Construction
    • Choke or basket use
    • 22kN (choke) maximum capacity
    • Connects to D ring
    • 1.3 meter long

    backpack style kit bag.

    • Toughened polyester construction
    • 500 x 250 250mm
    • Top opening double fitted zip
    • Velcro handle for easy carrying