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SpanSet - Gotcha™ Original Rescue Kit

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The Gotcha™ Original Rescue Kit, designed for tradesmen who work at height.

The Gotcha™ Original was the first pre assembled remote rescue kit. Designed for rescuing a suspended casualty from fall arrest lanyards, rope safety lines and fall arrest blocks, all possible from a point of safety.

The Gotcha rescue kit is a unique solution to a problem faced by all workers at height who use PPE for protection against falls. Most rescue provision have focused on the more extreme activities carried out at height, the Gotcha kit is designed for tradesmen who use common items of fall protection. In the event of a fall their situation if suspended in a harness is just as serious as any other worker and a swift recovery is essential.

Casualties can either be raised or lowered to the nearest point of safety, with casualties initially raised to release their original attachment preventing the need for cutting. The kit comes complete with an anchor sling capable of attaching to a wide range of structures and all terminations are sewn for security.

The kit is adaptable for different heights of anchor point, colour coded for simplicity and includes an extension pole for remote attachment. Included is the Grabba for rapid rescue from rope safety lines or fall arrest blocks.

No knives are required when using this kit!

  • For rescue from confined spaces, ladders, towers, masts, structures, fall arrest lanyards, rope safety lines, and Inertia Reels/Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL).
  • For specialist rescue team applications.
  • For remote attachment using an Extension Pole and GotchaTM Frog.
  • For remote attachment using an Extension Pole and GotchaTM Scaff Kit.
  • As a hauling kit with a casualty litter or stretcher.
  • With an overhead high anchorage or a foot low level anchorage.

Key Features

  • Rescue from Fall Arrest Lanyards and Fall Arrest blocks
  • The casualty is raised to release from their original attachment
  • The user can raise or lower the casualty with this kit
  • The casualty can be attached from a point of safety
  • SpanSet's most popular and versatile rescue system
  • Color coded for simplicity
  • Adjustable pole for a remote connection
  • Pre-assembled - ready to use right out of bag

Kit Contains

  • 50 Meter Rope
  • Upper and lower pulleys 
  • Gotcha™ Frog 
  • Attachment pole
  • Rope controller
  • Australian Standards rescue rope
  • Rope Grabba (for inertia reels)
  • Attachment sling
  • Karabiners
  • Back pack gear bag

SpanSet Gotcha Product Guide 2021 PDF