Singing Rock Pulley Small

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Pulley small

This small pulley from Singing Rock is perfect for building simple hauling systems and moving objects. 

Pulley Small can be used to rescue someone from a glacier. That makes it indispensable equipment for every glacier tour. Each pulley is marked with unique production number.

Available in two colours: gold and black.


  • this lightweight single pulley is perfect for hauling and rescuing
  • can be used with both static and dynamic textile ropes
  • can be used with a Prusik friction knot
  • the self-lubricating bronze bearing guarantees a reliable efficiency of up to 81%


  • CE 1019
  • EN 12278

Technical specification

  • Color: gold or black
  • Weight: 92 g (3.3 oz)
  • Material: sheave and side plates - aluminum alloy, bearing - brass, axle - stainless steel
  • Strength: 22 kN
  • Max. diameter of rope: 13 mm