Singing Rock Expert 3D speed

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Fully adjustable harness for rope access with a padded wide waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps. Suitable also for work positioning, fall arrest and work restraint situations.

  • Shoulder straps can be totally removed and the harness can be used as a sit harness only
  • Super comfortable wide waist belt padding provides maximum comfort when working at height
  • Strength webbing on the waist belt is stitched in the way that at normal working situation the body weight is absorbed by the padding only
  • Reflective strap and printing on the waist belt and a reflective strap on the shoulder padding increase the visibility in dark working conditions (the black version of the harness is not equipped with the reflective elements)
  • Anatomic leg loops and waist belt are covered with strong PES fabric providing high abrasion resistance
  • SPEED buckles enable fluent and fast adjustment to fit a user's body
  • OZONE triple lock carabiner used for connection of shoulder straps to the main point to increase the space for chest ascender attachment
  • Chest ascender smart fixation system with a plastic cover on the OZONE carabiner increasing the durability of the webbing.
  • Shoulders straps and leg loops are independently adjustable
  • Narrowed padding and webbing on the shoulder straps in a neck area enhance comfortable work
  • Front and back attachment points for fall-arrest according to EN 361 marked with additional “A“ marking
  • Flat rear attachment point does not bear on users back when carrying backpack 
    or breathing apparatus
  • Front lower attachment point for descender placement or work positioning according to EN 813
  • 2 side attachment points for work positioning according to EN 358
  • all steel components finished with E-coating for higher corrosion resistance
  • 4 ergonomic braided gear loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg
  • Heavier items up to 35 kg can be attached to the webbing on the waist belt
  • Additional loops on the waist belt and leg loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg offer additional space for the gear and better gear organization
  • Wide elastic band at left shoulder strap for the gear attachment (e.g. transmitter)
  • Shoulder attachment points for confined space rescue according to EN 1497
  • Identification and methodical label


Weight: 2415 g
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