SafeTec Duck-R Back-Up Device

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Rope Access Back-Up Device.

The Petzl Shunt has been the rope access backup device of choice for years, however following Petzl's January 2012 statement regarding the use of the Shunt as a backup device it is becoming hard to justify their continued use.

Is the Duck R the new Shunt?

Well it certainly looks like one, however unlike the Shunt the Duck R is certified to EN 12841 Type A, making it suitable for use as a backup device in a rope access environment.

Also the Duck R is made from stainless steel, making it much tougher than an aluminium Shunt. After all the Shunt was designed as a sport device and was never intended for work use.

While there is no European standard for the use of backup devices in rescue situations the Duck R has been tested for use with a 200kg load, and S-Tech approve them for use in this manner.

Body    - Stainless Steel
Cam     - Aluminium
Spring  - Spring  Stainless  Steel
Cord     - Nylon
Certification Notified Body:
CE 0120
EN 12841:2006 A