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RIIWHS202E - Enter And Work In Confined Spaces

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This course is designed for new and experienced personnel required to work in confined spaces in the resources and infrastructure industries at an operational levelMany roles require confined space training, including safety, injury prevention and maintenance personnel, engineers, risk managers, mine managers, cable installers and transport personnel. 

Participants will learn to distinguish what constitutes a confined space; key terminology; as well as understand the regulations and legislative requirements governing entering and working in and around confined spaces. Participants will identify hazards and emergencies as well as implement appropriate control measures; conduct risk assessments and apply for a confined space entry permit.   

Students will demonstrate how to enter, exit and work safely in a confined space according to an issued permit for two scenarios. Participants will also inspect and select appropriate personal protective gear; operate various confined space safety equipment including atmospheric testing/monitoring devices; and conduct routine servicing of all equipment and gear. 

Category Construction, Industry or Resources
Refresher min. duration 240 minutes
Blended min. duration N/A
Face-to-face min. duration 420 minutes
Online with Face-to-Face (up to 5 students) Min. duration 180 minutes
Online with Face-to-Face (more than 5 students) Min. duration 240 minutes