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Our BUCKET series rope bags are the epitome of convenience, resilience, and style. Uniquely designed to stand tall and retain their form even when empty, these bags provide effortless access to the contents inside. Crafted from robust TPU tarp material, they are ready to withstand both everyday use and intense activities.

Every BUCKET bag features padded shoulder straps for a comfortable carry, an exterior pocket for your personal belongings, and a dedicated marking area for rapid identification of your bag's contents.

Choose from a vibrant palette of three colors: sunny yellow, fiery red, and classic black. They are also available in three capacity sizes:

  • The BUCKET 15 rope bag comfortably houses up to 45 meters of 11 mm diameter rope.
  • The BUCKET 30 rope bag can easily accommodate up to 110 meters of 11 mm diameter rope.
  • The BUCKET 45 rope bag, the largest in our range, stores up to 185 meters of 11 mm diameter rope.

Step up your game with the BUCKET series rope bags—your perfect partner for storage and style.