Petzl Airline

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Petzl AIRLINE throw line

Designed for maximum throwing accuracy, the Petzel Airline Throw Line is the perfect choice for arborists. Combining an optimized blend of flexibility and stiffness to ensure precise throws with minimal knot formation, the sheath is made from Dyneema for superior abrasion resistance and visibility. It weighs 2.1g per meter and is available in two versions, 60m and 300m, with a total weight of 0.138 kg.

•Combines flexibility for a precise throw and stiffness for avoiding knot formation as it comes out of the bag

•Excellent sheath-core bond maintains a round cross section, ensuring good rope glide through the tree. The sheath is made of Dyneema® for excellent abrasion resistance

•Lightweight, does not require a very heavy throw bag

•Yellow for excellent visibility

•Available in two versions: 60 and 300 meters

•Weight per meter: 2,1 g

Weight - 0.138 kg