MAC-PRO Rope Protectors (SOLD in pairs)

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Rope protection for steel grid mesh! Pair (for upper and lower surface of mesh)

Mac-pro has been developed, tested and made in Australia. Using a heavy duty and robust nylon compound for protection against sharp edges, rope wear and high surface temperatures. The mac-pro provides a smooth edge for a rope path, providing edge protection whilst threaded through the aperture of typical steel grid-mesh. Mac-pros can be used a range of applications including:

  • Rope Access
  • Emergency Response
  • Refinery Work
  • Offshore / Rig Work
  • Power Stations
  • Telecommunications

Individually serial numbered for easy kit allocation.


Throat:   40mm L x 20mm W x 40mm D

Plate:     70mm x 55mm x 4mm

Supplied as a pair, with 2 x 380mm tie cords.

Weight:   40 grams each

Colour:   Black


They can fit one or two 11mm or 13mm industrial static kernmantle ropes, making feeding ropes through grid mesh and retrieving them a quick and simple exercise.

The protector can be secured to the grid mesh with the supplied cord to prevent it becoming a dropped object.

Maximum service
temperature of 170˚C

Extremely high protection against UV degradation

High density nylon to prevent material crushing

High wear resistance facilitating lowering off personnel in emergency scenarios

1) Please note the mac-pro is not a friction modifier device and should not be used in extreme friction scenarios.

2) While the mac-pro is structurally sound enough to handle a 90 degree deviation, the grid mesh you are using might not be, ropes should be vertical before passing through the mac-pro when possible.

3) mac-pros are designed and tested for use with static kernmantle ropes only. The use of flexible steel wire ropes in conjunction with the mac-pro is not recommended and should not be undertaken.