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Introducing the DEFUSER L: The Long, Narrow Energy Absorber for Maximum Freedom of Movement

EDELRID's DEFUSER L is a long, narrow energy absorber designed for a maximum payload of 50 to 140 kg, providing optimum safety without compromising on mobility. The increased distance to the belaying rope ensures maximum freedom of movement, making it perfect for work environments that demand flexibility and adaptability.

Exclusively designed for use with EDELRID's FUSE guided-type fall arrester, the DEFUSER L, along with the S and RESCUE models, offers a lightweight and compact solution for enhanced fall protection. These specially engineered energy absorbers significantly reduce the arrest shock by 30% below the standard, ensuring both safety and performance in various rope access applications.

Choose the DEFUSER L for unparalleled security, comfort, and freedom of movement in your climbing and work endeavors.

  • Minimum breaking strength: 15 kN