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This optimally shaped dark all-purpose half visor protects the face from impacts and flying parts. The unique sealing lip prevents even the smallest particles from entering. It is made of polycarbonate with high impact protection. VISIX can be easily and quickly attached to the Gear Rack of any INCEPTOR GRX helmet without additional tools. When working, the visor can be flexibly adjusted to be worn lowered, at half height or upwards. It also provides exterior protection against scratches as well as fog protection from the inside.

  • Molded polycarbonate visor with high impact protection
  • Versatile, easy to fit
  • Compatible with all INCEPTOR GRX helmets


    ART. NO. BE-408
    EAN 4030281008866
    STANDARD EN 166:2001
    MAX. SERVICE LIFE 10 Years
    TEMPERATURE 45 °C - -35 °C
    CUSTOMS NO. 39269060
    SIZE 220x130x100mm
    WEIGHT 0,12 kg
    MATERIAL Polycarbonat