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Advanced Rescue Training (PUASAR022 & PUASAR032)

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This Advanced Rescue course will provide students with the skills and knowledge required to participate in rescue operations as a member of a rescue team; particularly specialist vertical rescue operations. Typically, personnel performing these roles have completed induction or recruitment training and are commencing work as a member of an operational team. They will work under supervision in a team but may be responsible for completing singular tasks relating to a rescue. This course includes a range of vertical rescue situations, preparing and responding to rescue situations, assessing rescue scenes, establishing vertical rescue systems and performing in and terminating rescues. This course set is often an industry requirement for employment in the wind sector, particularly wind turbines.

This includes a wide range of rescue and environmental situations which may incorporate industrial, rural, bush and extreme environmental conditions, to undertake vertical rescues in a range of emergency situations in natural and manmade environments.

The following units will be included in your certificate:

  • PUASAR022 - Participate in a rescue operation
  • PUASAR032 - Undertake vertical rescue
Entry Requirements

An individual undertaking this course with Allens Training Pty Ltd will need to demonstrate the following to be eligible for entry:

  • Physical capability to be able to meet the demands of the practical demonstration skills including manual handling in the rescue of a mock casualty
  • Psychological and physical capability to be able to meet the demands of the practical demonstrations for this course, such as the undertaking of the requirements to work safely at heights wearing appropriate PPE and using appropriate fall protection equipment. Participants will need sufficient physical ability to lift equipment infrequently from ground to overhead and access heights above 2m.
  • Capable of working under supervision in a team while being physically able to complete individual tasks relating to a rescue, autonomously, in a range of simulated and real locations
  • Protective slip resistant footwear/safety shoes and comfortable/practical clothing must be provided by the student and worn during the practical sessions and assessment.
  • Language, literacy and numeracy requirements - students must be able to read and correctly interpret required documentation relevant to working at height, speak clearly and unambiguously in English, explain, describe and verify sometimes complex needs and issues and understand the risk assessment requirements. Writing is required to the level of completing workplace forms and producing any required reports. Numeracy is required to the level of being able to correctly calculate total fall distances for example.

Online study:  Students must have access to a computer, smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices with access to the internet to complete the online/ pre-course studies.

Course Duration

Refresher min. duration 960 minutes
Blended min. duration N/A
Face-to-face min. duration 1440 minutes
Online with face-to-face min. duration N/A


Certificate Renewal Requirements

The units have the following recommended renewal periods:
Unit Period
PUASAR022 - Participate in a rescue operation Not applicable
PUASAR032 - Undertake vertical rescue Not applicable