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The Safest Lanyard

Developed for Rescue, Firefighters and Emergencies.

  • ULTRA-STRONG: 49kN vs 22kN
  • ULTRA-LIGHT: 60g per 0.5 meters
  • ULTRA-COMPACT: Keep in pocket
  • ULTRA-RESISTANT: high resitance to fire (x14),  abrasion (x3), cut (x3), impact (x3), acids and welding
  • Polyester and elastane protective cover + Para-Aramid fiber core (PF = 450°C)

Multi CE

  • EN 795B: Anchor Devices
  • EN 354: Mooring Elements
  • CEN TS 16415: Simultaneous use or rescue of 2 people at the time (Max. 2 Persons)