YALE Kernmaster 11 mm (7/16") (Sold per meter)


SOLD per meter maximum length 750 meters.

Yale Kernmaster represents a quantum leap in Static Life Rescue Lines. Comprising a unique construction of a 48 strand Polyester cover and a braided Nylon core Yale Kernmaster offers handling and performance never before available in a Static Life Rescue Line.

These are some of the advantages Kernmaster offers over other brands of Static Life Rescue Lines

POLYESTER/ NYLON CONSTRUCTION: Provides a greater range of chemical resistance than the traditional Nylon/ Nylon construction. It is unlikely to encounter a chemical that would affect both the cover and core.

48 STRAND POLYESTER COVER: Provides excellent feel and handling through devices.

BRAIDED CORE: Core bends more easily with less fatiguing. This makes for better knotability, better control through mechanical ascent/ descent devices, as well as increased strength. Also, in the event of a cover failure, the rope core will remain intact, allowing the user to ascend/ descend over the core to get back to a stable portion of rope. Yale Kernmaster is the only life rescue line that uses braided core technology.

STEAM STABILIZED CORE: The core is fully steam stabilized which enhances the rope flexibility and prevents hardening during service.

AVAILABLE LENGTHS: Kernmaster is available in continuous lengths of up to 720m.

WATER RESISTANT: Having a Polyester cover, Kernmaster sheds water far more readily than a traditional nylon/ nylon construction. Also the drying time of the rope is dramatically reduced due to the Polyester being non hygroscopic.
Due to Kernmasters water shedding ability, it will not stiffen when wet, and will still run through mechanical devices with ease.

Kernmaster is CE compliant CE0120 EN1891 Type A

Tensile Strength: 3,225kg