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OCUN Thor Access 2Q Harness

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The Ocun Thor does not comply with the established norms but rather is forging its own path. At first glance it is a harness that combines sport performance and working comfort in any environment, whether you are working on a platform inside a building or saving lives in harsh mountainous conditions. We are always trying to maintain low weight, breathability and comfort. The 4-in-1 modular system features the extraordinary WeBee non-absorbent and washable padding, which when coupled with its interchangeable parts, provides a unique and protected solution for use in any weather, in any conditions and in any working environment.


  • Webee performance technology: The multi-layer structure of the waistbelt is constructed from PE EVA, a 3D perforated foam with a closed cellular structure that doesn't absorb water, sweat or other liquids, is abrasion resistant and fully washable. The patented design offers flexible shaping, even distribution of load and highly efficient ventilation, all while maintaining minimal weight.
  • A compact system connecting the legs: Our innovative system for connecting legs to the supporting straps distributes load and protects against discomfort in the groin and intimate areas.
  • Self-locking buckle (SB): A longstanding well-known and proven solution used on parachute harnesses. The self-locking buckle consists of two consecutive sliding frames that block the strap's movement through reverse thrust. A convenient, fast and safe solution. There is no need to inspect the threading, just tighten.
  • Quick buckle (QB): Quick buckles allow for fast and safe opening and closing of supporting loops with a single small move. Compared with conventional buckles, quick buckles enable you to put on our harnesses in a much faster and easier way.
  • Integrated chest ascender: This is recommended by the IRATA system and supports more effortless motion of the user during rope work
  • Padded back: The back of the harness is integrated with a polyethylene disc to improve back support and comfort while working and positioning in suspension. This sufficiently increases the rigidity of stressed parts and ensures adequate support for the body
  • Specially shaped D components: Our connecting metal D components have been designed with the utmost care. They fit into any EN 362 connector and allow for smooth movement around the entire inner circumference. Quality anodizing has been applied to the surface.
  • Gear loops: Four gear loops with reinforced braiding and increased wear resistance. Load capacity is 10 kg.
  • Dedicated attachment points to the seat: Two loops connecting the seat are located just below the EN 813 central attachment point. Their positioning leads to the transfer of force from the seat to the EN 813 point which remains free for other occupational equipment.
  • Carabiner slots: Slots for gear carabiners are located in front and behind the adjustable D components. Carabiner slots on the legs serve to conveniently store your rope out of the way of your main workspace. These positions are ideally suited for our small "Kestrel" carabiner.
  • Removable padding: Our harnesses are equipped with removable padded shoulder straps. If necessary, the lining can be readjusted or completely removed, preventing undesired friction between the harness and the neck. Other additional padding can be easily installed in the lumbar part of the harness. The sti ness rigidity of this part ensures sufficient support of the body and elevates comfort during work.
  • Double ended straps: The double ends of the straps makes them easy to grip when tightening, even when wearing gloves. Were the strap to be extended all the way to the regulation buckle, repeated shortening without the doubled ends would be very difficult, especially in gloves.
  • Contrast edging: Safety in the workplace is considerably improved thanks to contrast edging and reflective tape which enhance the visibility of those using our harnesses.
  • Protected identification label: A systematic label with serial identification is protected by durable fabric and is easy to access even when wearing the harness. The label contains identification information necessary for registration and regular inspections.
  • Solution of the central attachment point: Strength sewing is compactly covered thereby preventing premature abrasion. The central D-ring is separately xed to the strap, which allows for the addition of the ring. Textile attachment point EN 813.
  • Textile attachment point EN 361: A sufficiently large point where you can put up to 3 carabiners which, thanks to their construction, conveniently orientated for more comfortable operation.