Lyon Nylon Polyamide Sewn Sling - 18mm


Nylon slings have reliability second to none, with a longevity that will out last the thinner Dyneema tapes. But because Nylon slings are wider and made from a heavier material they weigh more. The good thing about a Nylon sling is that they give good visual re-assurance, which does help with confidence.

The entire manufacturing process of Lyon slings, lanyards and anchor strops is carried out at Tebay in Lyons purpose built manufacturing facility.

To sew one sling takes the machines just 45 seconds, but there is a lot more to it than that. Each sling is the end result of a number of processes where the human element is essential to produce a quality product that a user will ultimately trust with their life. Material selection, accurate cutting and finishing, stitch pattern selection, thread tension – all these elements have to come together and the right decisions made time after time. The sewing team have years of experience behind them to ensure that every process is carried out with accuracy and care.

Breaking Strain: 24kN

Standards: EN566




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