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Mobile fall arrester for rope

With its unique locking system, the ASAP sets the standard in fall protection for workers at height. In normal use, the device moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention and follows the user in all his/her movements. In the event of a shock load or sudden acceleration, the ASAP locks on the rope and stops the user. Depending on the intended use, the ASAP may also be combined with an ASAP’SORBER or ASAP’SORBER AXESS energy absorber to work at a distance from the rope.


  • Constant fall protection:
    - arrests falls, slides, and uncontrolled descents
    - works on vertical or angled rope
    - locks on the rope even if grabbed during the fall
  • Simple to use, and effective:
    - moves up or down the rope, without any manual operation
    - easy to install and remove at any point on the rope
    - may be combined with an energy absorber to work at a distance from the rope: ASAP’SORBER or ASAP’SORBER AXESS. The latter can be used for loads of up to 250 kg in two-person rescue situations
  • Certified to European and Russian standards when used with an OK TRIACT-LOCK carabiner
  • Certified to American standards when used with a Bm’D or OXAN TRIACT-LOCK (international version) carabiner


  • Material(s): aluminum, stainless steel
  • Weight: 295 g


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    Detailed description


    • May only be used with an ASAP or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester
    • Allows the user to keep the rope at a distance in order to:
      - free up the work area
      - protect the rope from sharp tools and harmful contact points
    • Absorbs energy in case of a fall:
      - tearing of the energy absorber webbing limits the impact force on the user
      - designed for users who weigh between 50 and 130 kg Can be used for loads of up to 250 kg in two-person rescue situations
      - durable fabric pouch with opening system at each end, protects the energy absorber from abrasion or contaminants while allowing for regular inspection of the absorber
    • Ends equipped with STRING to hold the connector in position and protect the webbing from abrasion


    • Material(s): nylon, polyester
    • Certification(s): CE EN 355, ANSI Z359.13 6 feet


    Length 40 cm
    Weight 205 g
    Guarantee 3 years
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