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CT Climbing Technology - CRIC multifunction rope clamp with integrated pulley

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Meet the transformative "CRIC" by Climbing Technology, a robust multifunctional rope clamp with an integrated pulley, revolutionising mountaineering, rope access work and rescue. Weighing a mere 140g and measuring 95mm, this compact device operates in four dynamic modes - ascender, pulley, rope clamp/pulley, and progress-capture hauling pulley, conforming to EN 567, EN 12841-B and EN 12278 standards.

The CRIC's versatility and ease of use ensure minimal time, material and space are required for rope manoeuvres. In ascender mode, it allows proficient rope climbing, while its pulley mode facilitates lifting or transferring loads effortlessly. The integrated ball-bearing sheave acts as a simple redirect for rope ascension or lifting without the need for additional connectors.

The CRIC's groundbreaking design allows direct load lifting, creating efficient hauling systems and enabling rescue or self-rescue scenarios, such as pulling a victim from a crevasse. In pulley mode, the rope runs freely in both directions; in hauling-pulley mode, the rope runs in one direction and locks in the other.

This innovative tool also includes a dedicated cord for lowering lifted loads when in progress-capture hauling pulley mode. An intuitive release button ensures easy installation on the rope, even with gloves on or in challenging conditions. The steel cam, equipped with teeth that minimise rope wear, includes two slots to prevent dirt build-up, maintaining an efficient lock on the rope in any condition. The CRIC is the ultimate tool for any rope access task.


Standards Rope
EN 567:2013 EN 1891 – EN 564 – EN 892
Ø 8 ÷ 12 mm
EN 12841:2006-B EN 1891-A
Ø 10 ÷ 12 mm
EN 12278:2007 EN 1891 – EN 564 – EN 892
Ø ≤ 11 mm