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Singing Rock BODY II ENERGY speed
Singing Rock BODY II ENERGY speed

Singing Rock BODY II ENERGY speed

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BODY II ENERGY speed / W0093SY

Full body fall-arrest harness with various attachment points, speed buckles and comfortable padding. Suitable for working situations with maximum freedom of movement during work positioning. Developed in cooperation with energy companies.

  • removable and washable shoulder and leg loop padding provides great comfort
  • reflective straps on the shoulder and leg loop padding provide higher visibility in dark conditions
  • integrated loops on the shoulder padding for hooks storage with a load capacity of 1.5 kg
  • webbing on the waist belt padding is moveable allowing horizontal or vertical movement of the padding thus providing maximum comfort during work
  • SPEED buckles on the waist belt and leg loops enable fluent and fast adjustment to fit the user´s body
  • webbings stitched in the easy-lock buckles on the shoulder straps simplify handling
  • front and rear attachment points for fall arrest according to EN 361
  • side attachment points for work positioning according to EN 358
  • two gear loops with a load capacity of 5 kg
  • 4 additional plastic loops for light gear attachment
  • different color of rear triangle for each size (S/M/L - grey, XL/XXL - yellow)
  • two sizes fit whole size range from 150 to 210 cm

Color: yellow/grey/black
Weight: 2250 g • 79.5 oz [size S/M/L] (± 15 g • 0.5 oz)
2450 g • 86.5 oz [size XL/XXL] (± 15 g • 0.5 oz)
Size: S/M/L and XL/XXL