Beal Wall Master Dynamic Rope - 10.5mm

Sold per meter. Use Quantity box to select the length required and we'll cut it to length. For multiple lengths, just add another qty to your cart. Max length 200m 

Single rope; designed specifically for the climbing wall environment - the thicker sheath associated with the UNICORE process makes for a tougher rope perfectly adapted to resist wear due to repeated belays and low impact falls. The astonishing UNICORE process permanently binds the sheath to the core of the rope radically decreasing the occurrence of slippage.


  • UNICORE process virtually eliminating sheath slippage.
  • Thick and soft to the touch sheath.
  • Ease of manipulation over time.
  • Use: Indoor wall climbing.
  • Weight per metre: 71 g
  • Impact Force: Single Rope: 8.4kN
  • Number of falls: Single Rope: 7


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