Beal Air Leash

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An extendable gear loop allowing tools to remain attached whilst in use.

Uses Beal's Clic clac system.

  • An extendable spiral cord that attaches to the TOOL-BUCKET, GLASS BUCKET, LONG TOOL BUCKET, to the HERO PRO, SYNCRO and STYX harness, or the AIR-SIT work seat.
  • A gear loop that connects to the end of the spiral cord. This is designed to attach tools by means of a girth hitch or slipknot (it is important you select an attachment method appropriate for the specific tool).

A reinforced webbing loop on the gear loop allows the tool to be clipped to the harness using a karabiner between uses

The gear loops are available separately. All tools equipped with gear loops can thus be independently connected to the spiral cord.

Product Specs:

Weight: 55 g
Length: 45 cm
Max length with 500g load: 150 cm
Maximum weight: 500 g