Sterling HTP Static Rope - 11mm

A multi use rescue and abseiler rope perfect for rope rescue, rope access and efficient ascending/descending. Low-stretch properties and high-moisture resistance allow the 7/16"  (11 mm) to operate consistently in wet and dry conditions.

Sterling has developed a line of durable, great handling ropes that are designed to be low-stretch, with no sheath slippage, lightweight and compact to carry easily. 100% polyester static hydrophobic kernmantle 32 carrie sheath construction make this rope a great choice for working around water.

Sterling’s HTP are some of the most sought-after static ropes available, for many rope access, rescue or tactical applications. This popularity is because of the HTP’s many advantageous qualities thanks not only to its polyester material, but also to the construction methodology devised to extract the most from this material: an exacting core construction for strength and unique sheath for handling. The result is solid resistance to water, chemicals, UV and abrasion and great overall handling and gear compatibility.

Low-elongation or static, ropes are a core element of any work-at-height system. Sterling have been making the highest quality and most innovative static ropes for decades. The Sterling name has become synonymous with durability and reliability across multiple industries at all job sites.

PRODUCT:  1 x 200m roll


Maximum strength with low stretch rope!

  • Diameter: 11 mm
  • MBS Rating (kN) 30.5
  • Certified to NFPA 1983, 2006 Life Safety Rope - Light use
  • Minimum Breaking Strength 34.1 KN
  • Safe working load 347kg
  • Elongation at 10% of MBS: 2.9%
  • Elongation at 136 kg load: 1.7%
  • Weight 96.7g/m




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