About Urban Abseiler

We specialises in Industrial Rope Access Training and we guarantee that your training will be in the most up-to-date rope access techniques with the newest and most diverse range of equipment available. 


Urban Abseiler’s pledge is to enhance your skills and knowledge, leaving you better placed to attain or retain work in the very competitive Rope Access Industry.


You will be coached by our dedicated technical training manager Alan Lambert, who has over 20 years experience in operational rope access. Al has gained this experience across five continents, in extreme and contrasting regions like the Scottish North Sea and the jungle highlands of Myanmar.


Our training facility is a purpose-built, engineered and design-approved structure that exceeds the strict requirements of the Industrial Rope Access Training Association (IRATA) and the international Training Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS). Designed to simulate a broad range of industrial environments, with components representative of real-life work situations. It includes ladder access to work platforms and welded pad-eyes for easy rigging points and timber clad abseiling walls.


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